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Goat Houses

Goat Houses

Explore our quality wooden goat houses, available in four standard sizes, all handcrafted with top-quality timber, solid, reliable and designed to withstand the test of time. 

Our single goat houses feature one stabling area and one shelter area, while our double goat houses offer two stable areas and a shared shelter in between. 

General guidelines suggest housing one goat per 10-15 square feet. 

  • Goat House A accommodates 2 goats
  • Goat House B accommodates 3 goats
  • Goat House C accommodates 5 goats
  • Goat House D accommodates 6 goats

Utilising the shelter area for stabling allows for a few more.

All our houses are built on our Shropshire farm and come with the flexibility for custom modifications. 

Feel free to contact us 01630 673 747 or contact us here for any enquiries or advice.  

Single Goat Houses

Our Single Goat houses are high quality wooden goat sheds with a stable area and a shelter area. We make them in two standard sizes: the goat house A is 12' x 5', which is suitable for 2-3 Pygmy goats (or a breed of a similar size), and goat house B is 14' x 6', which can accommodate more smaller goats or 2-3 larger goats such as Anglo-Nubian goats. As all of our buildings are custom made to order, we can also make a bespoke goat house to your sizes and design. 

Our goat houses are for sale online with UK delivery. Please click on the links below for more information on our Goat house A and B.

Single Goat Houses

Double Goat Houses

Our Double Goat Houses are high quality wooden goat sheds with 2 stable areas and a shared shelter area in the middle. We make them in two standard sizes, the goat house C is 18' x 5' and the goat house D is 24' x 6'. As our buildings are custom made to order we can make a bespoke goat house to your size and design.

Goat House C is suitable for 5 goats and Goat House D for 6 goats. If you use the shelter area as stabling too then you could house a few more.

Please click on the links below for more information on our Goat house C and D, for sale online with UK delivery.

Double Goat Houses

Sheep & Goat Shelters

Our sheep and goat shelters are small wooden field shelters suitable for sheep, goats and other smaller livestock

Our small livestock shelter is 5'3" high at the front (1.6m) and 4'3" (1.3m) high at the back. The opening is 4' wide and is offset so that the animals can shelter behind the return. The shelter is designed to be portable and is built on wooden skids, however we do offer metal towing skids so that it can be made into a mobile sheep and goat shelter.

We offer two standard sizes in our small field shelters, please use the links below to explore the sheep and goat shelters. This quality livestock shelter is handmade so it can be custom made in bespoke sizes to suit your requirements. Please contact us for a quotation on any alterations. Our goat and sheep shelters are for sale online with UK delivery.

We also offer a range of other field shelters, please see our pony shelters, horse shelters and large livestock shelters for more information. 

Sheep & Goat Shelters

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All of our buildings are made to order
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