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Duck Houses

Duck Houses
Duck Houses

We build large and small wooden duck houses for 2 to 100+ ducks. We manufacture small traditional duck arks in four sizes more suitable for smaller breeds such as Call Ducks, duck houses with more height for taller breeds such as Indian Runner Ducks and Khaki  Campbells, we also make large duck sheds for free range ducks.

The Duck Ark - The traditional A framed duck house, available in four sizes suitable from 2 - 12 ducks. We can supply this with an optional run and optional wheels.

The Copse - This duck hut is designed for adaptability. It can be used just as a housing unit in an electric fenced or open area, or an 8' long run can be supplied to butt up to the house so that the ducks can be kept enclosed. Suitable for up to 6 ducks depending on size, but it has the height to accommodate breeds like Indian Runner Ducks.

The Campbell Duck House - Relatively new to our range this duck house is built on small legs to keep the duck hut off the ground. It's suitable for up to 8 ducks depending on the size of the breed. The duck house has a lift off side panel for easy cleaning, a large pop hole with ladder, and a sliding vent for good air circulation. 

The Lodge Duck House - This duck hut has more headroom to make it easier to manage, it is ideal for taller and larger breeds such as Khaki Campbell and Aylesbury Ducks. We make the Lodge duck house in 3 standard sizes to house from 4 to 16 ducks. The Lodges have stable doors, a ventilation hatch, they can be supplied with an optional 12' long run.

Free Range Duck Houses - Our large duck shed has been designed without perches and nest boxes so that it has a blank canvas to make your own fittings if required. We offer the 100 bird duck house as our standard offering, however we can build bespoke duck houses on request.

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