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Welcome to Smiths Sectional 

Manufacturers of Chicken housing, Goat housing, Field Shelters and other animal houses.

British family company making chicken houses and animal buildings

Family Company

  • We are specialist British manufacturers of high quality chicken houses for gardens, free range chicken houses, duck houses, goat houses, mobile field shelters, horse stables and lots more.
  • We make the chicken houses and buildings on our farm in Shropshire where each building is made to order and can be tailored to a customer's specific requirements.
  • We have been owners of the company for over 12 years and the previous owner, Mr Smith, ran the business for at least 15 years, so we are well known in the trade and an established business.

Thicket Chicken House

Smaller Chicken Houses

For between 2 – 12 chickens there are chicken houses with runs, chicken houses without runs, ark shaped chicken houses, pent shaped chicken houses, chicken houses with wheels, chicken houses with carrying poles and lots more. Our most popular designs are the DELL chicken house and the THICKET chicken house.

Larger Chicken Houses

For between 12 – 50 chickens we recommend stand-alone chicken houses andHaywood Poultry House customers use electric fencing or permanent fencing to enclose the chickens. We make our SHERWOOD range of chicken shed in 7 different sizes. The chicken house can be made on wheels so it is mobile. We also make the HAYWOOD range of chicken housing in 3 sizes from 25 chickens up to 100 chickens, these are really popular with metal roll away nest boxes.

Free Range Poultry Houses

These provide for 100 chickens to 300 chickens, we can also modify sizes to go smaller or larger. Our largest poultryNeedwood Free Range Chicken Shed unit we have made to date was for 600 chickens. The free range chicken sheds are extremely popular with farm shops and commercial farmers selling to restaurants and retailers.

Other Products

We also make buildings for all sorts of other animals. A significant proportion of our business is from clients returning to purchase buildings for another project, especially schools and animal colleges. We make duck and goose housing, dog kennels, goat houses and garden sheds and buildings.

Mobile Field SheltersWe manufacture heavy duty, long lasting field shelters and stables. The timbers we use are very thick and durable. We make pony shelters and stables and also larger shelters for horses and stables with overhangs. All our buildings can be made on metal skids so they are mobile.

Any questions or want advice?

Please feel free to call us and we will do our best to help you:

01630 673747

We look forward to talking to you. 


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