Dell Dell Smiths Sectional Buildings The Dell chicken house is our largest ark shape chicken house with run. The hen house can accommodate up to 12 chickens. The chicken house is raised off the floor and carrying handles run throughout the house and run so that the chicken house can be moved. The Dell chicken house is a more traditional type chicken house with a run. DELL DELL 635.00 Smiths Sectional Buildings
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COVID-19 Update January 26th: Due to the ongoing pandemic we are experiencing unprecedented demand for our buildings. Our current lead time is 10 - 12 weeks from order to delivery. We appreciate this is a long time and we are doing our best to reduce this. If collection from our workshop is possible, we may be able to have your building ready sooner. We cannot thank you enough for your interest in our buildings and your continued support and understanding during this difficult time. Please do not hesitate to contact the office for further information.



The Dell chicken house is a more traditional type chicken ark. The chicken house and run are integral with a raised living area to give shelter underneath the hen house and to deter vermin problems.

Carrying handles run throughout the hen house so that the building can be lifted onto fresh grass. The carrying poles also double up as daytime perches for the chickens. There is a solid wooden floor in the chicken house area with loose perches that lift out for easy cleaning of the ark.

The nest boxes protrude from the rear of the chicken ark and the back board hinges down for external egg collection. The roof of the nest box is roofed with stock board rather than felt which can harbour red mite. There is access to the chicken run from a large wire door and access to the ark through a lift off side panel.

The standard dell has a 9' x 6' integral run, we also offer an option of having a 2' extension to the run making it 11' x 6' run area. We also offer the option of a pop hole in the wire end, this is a small opening for the chickens to go in and out of rather than having to open the main wire door of the chicken run. This is particularly helpful in situations where dogs/sheep may get in and eat the feed or you are connecting to another run.

Chicken ark houses up to 12 bantams or 10 standard sized birds (free range regulations advise 9 hens per m2 of house space)
Size - 9' x 6' x 5'6" high (2.7 x 1.8 x 1.65m high)
2 nest boxes (free range regulations advise 1 nest box per 7 hens)
Carrying poles are approx. 12' long on the standard Dell and 14' long on the dell with the extended run

This building is delivered in flat sections for customer assembly. Most of the pilot holes are pre-drilled but some need to be done during assembly therefore some DIY skills are required. If you would prefer us to assemble the building for you please contact the office for a price for us to install - 01630 673747.

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£635.00 inc. VAT
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Pop Hole in Wire End Panel
Pop Hole in Wire End Panel
£25.00 inc. VAT
2ft Run Extension
2ft Run Extension
£65.00 inc. VAT
Premium Chicken Door Opener (Time and Light)
Premium Chicken Door Opener (Time and Light)
£134.99 inc. VAT

Important Note: The price shown does not include delivery. Delivery costs can calculated in the basket and at checkout.

  • 38mm x 38mm smooth planed tanalised framing
  • Clad in 12mm Vth's redwood smooth planed tongue and groove boarding (size after sawing 16mm nominal size)
  • 19 gauge prime quality weldmesh, 25mm x 12.5mm holes
  • Dipped in new formula creosote to preserve the wood and deter redmite infestation.
Care Guide

The Dell Overview

The Dell

Item Internal Floor Area (m2) Run Area (m2) Max. Internal Height (m) Moveable Nests Nest Type
£635.00 inc. VAT

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